My Future

Just a little info bout me.!

High School Goals

I would like have a 4.0 GPA. Have good name. Do some community serice. I would like to be a staright A student. Having high classes. And i would like to get a scholarships


After High School/Career

I have 3 choices. 1) vetenarian 2) pediatrition 3) Special Education Teacher. I've been undecided about them. But i have been reading on them. I honestly want to be vetenarian. Because i want to be the one that saves the childs pet or well a mans bestfriend.

What Vets need to know.

Its good to know what you need to know about being a veterinarian before you actually go to the University you go to for that career.

Veterinarians Responsiblity

People have to realize that being a vet isnt bout caring for the animals. Its more than that and they too have responsiblities.


This is about the expenses bout being a vet.

The Start-Up is Important Too

You need to know the start-up amounts before actually doing it. You cant just wing it. You have to research the costs. and stuff