Promoting Health and Wellness

How the health goals of the magazine "Healthy People 2020" were promoted by the SPS Wellness Plan.

Goal 1: Promote the best possible health in order to end preventable death, illness, injury, and disability.

The SPS Wellness Plan promotes this goal and expresses that in the first sentence. The guidelines states, "The primary goals of the School District of Springfield R-12's wellness program are to promote student health, reduce student overweight/obesity, facilitate student learning of lifelong healthy habits and increase student achievement." They also give multiple standards and requirements that all SPS schools must meet whether it's a limit on how much sugar can be in the food and snacks or the amount of physical activity the students must meet.

Goal 2: Eliminate health disparities.

Health disparities are "differences in health outcomes among groups." The SPS Wellness Plan meets this goal by fairly serving all of the students and staff's interests and needs. While doing this, they take their gender, education, disability, cultural norms, and physical fitness abilities.

Goal 3: Make wellness a way of life and enhance quality of life for individuals and communities.

This goal is promoted by the SPS Wellness Plan because the plan has an element to it that describes providing "students with the necessary knowledge and skills to make healthy nutrition decisions." They also have students try to value physical activity and participate in it regularly.

Goal 4: Promote healthy places and environments.

The SPS Wellness Plan meets this goal with the segments about air quality. Their outdoor air quality section of the plan tells that "the district Health Services Department will work with the Springfield Greene County Health Department to establish a means of evaluating and monitoring the Air Quality Index (AQI) and will make recommendations to district administration for interventions." The indoor air quality section states that guidelines and safety procedures will be set for building concerns or testing by the district Safety Committee and the Health Services and General Services Center Administration.