Physical Inactivity

The Importance of Physical Inactivity

The Risks of Physical Inactivity

1) Weight gain can lead to an obese lifestyle, causing one to be physically unhealthy.

2) The weight gain addressed in the above statement can lead one to posses health issues such as cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, high blood pressure.

3) Weight gain, due to the lack of physical activity, can lead one's mind to wander and in turn develop insecurities about themselves.

4) As a result of lacking physical activity, you are excluding yourself from sports teams and other forms of socialization, thus leading you to live an isolated life.

5) By not being a part of teams or clubs, you have more free time to allow your mind to gravitate towards the negative aspects about yourself, therefore leading to depression and other forms of mental illness.

6) Physical activity is a method used to cope with stress, so if one isn't physically active their body tends to maintain higher stress levels.

Lifestyle Choices that Reduce the Risks of Inactivity:

1) Play sports of your interest

2) Join clubs

3) Actively participate in physical education classes provided by your school

4) Go to the gym

5) Plan or create a schedule to exercise

6) Try to walk as much as possible

7) Exercise with friends and family

8) Eat healthy and stay hydrated

9) Regular check ups

10) Get a personal trainer