New York

The Empire State

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New York

New York is an amazing state. The capital is Albany. Isn't that a weird capital name? The region that it is located is The Northeast. The state has a state flower which that is the rose. The tree is the sugar maple and the bird is the Eastern Bluebird. When was this state found? It was founded on July 26, 1788. It was the 11th state found. The nickname for this state is The Empire State.


Appalachian Mountians

The Empire State has a land form. It's land form is the Appalachian mountains. This is a chain of smaller mountains to make up a chain of mountains.The Appalachian Mountains cover up a lot of the Northeast, and New York is one of those states.
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New York has some major rivers. It has the Hudson River. The Hudson river is a river that flows through New York, giving them an opportunity to ship goods.
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Fun Facts

New York has interesting fun facts. The first game of basketball was played here. WOW! Also, New York city has a huge population! It also had some of the earliest homes.


Some of the resources that New York gets is important. One of the most important is steel. New York makes steel, and steel is used for many things. For example, steel is used to make bridges. These are important because every has or will use a bridge. Also, they mine coal. Coal is used to make electricity. This is also VERY important. For example, indoor light. We wouldn't be able to see as well. Also, iron is mined. It is used to make steel. these are important minerals for us.


Some of the things that New York does is fishing. They live by the Hudson River, giving them a chance to fish. Since they catch fish, they ship them. They can earn money that way. Farming is another big deal. They grow cranberries, potatoes, blueberries, apples, oats, corn, syrup, wheat and dairy cow. These are important stuff to ship and eat.

Human Impact

People have changed the land for example, they had to grow cities so more people can live here. Some are so big that they touch and connect to other growing. This doesn't only make homes but it helps reduce traffic.They also use boats to ship goods.
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bad disaster

A major disaster is the 1944 Cornwall-Massena earthquake. It was bad. It was measured 5.8. That was a bad earthquake! The people have recovered and is thriving with people. New York is a great place to live today.