The Reformation

The start of a change

What was the change?

At one point in time the Catholic church became a house of evil; church officials openly flaunting their wickedness. One man saw this and decided to make a change. Martin Luther believed in faith only through god's forgiveness. So, he exposed the church for all of their sins and indulgences. By doing this he started a religious movement known as the Reformation.

Important people/ contributions

  • Martin Luther wrote 95 theses attacking the church.
  • Gutenberg invented the printing press, which allowed the bible to be most published book of that time.
  • Pope Leo excommunicated Martin Luther for heresy.
  • John Calvin was founder of Predestination or Calvinism

Short term effects

During the time of the Reformation there was much confrontation between religion authorities and those apposed. Theses disagreements weakened the power of the church. Which caused many of its followers to protest an go astray. In addition, it lead to many different branches of Christianity being created.

Long term effects

Although this movement happened some time ago, it has still greatly impacted today's society. As result of Martin Luther and Gutenberg the bible is the most printed and translated book in the world. Also in current society a good percentage of the population is Protestant. So, if not for the reformation how would our modern world have been altered?

Smore Published By~ Jazmyn Hutcheson