Celebrating Our Owl-Standing Character!

Expect Good Things!

Ahoy Owen Landlubbers,

We kicked off National CHARACTER COUNTS! Week on Wednesday last week as ye passengers and captains engaged in the three-screen motivational productions of "Expect Good Things!". Through this engaging multi-screen presentation, we learned that instead of always expecting good things FOR ourselves, we can learn to expect good things FROM ourselves. We heard from elementary school children and adults about how to have tolerance for those who may be different than you, how to overcome adversity with a positive attitude, why being respectful and honest is important, and that bullying is never a solution. Students shared the definition for what bullying IS and IS NOT and communicated that we can stand together to stop bullying behavior!

Following the presentation, captains led their passengers in a class meeting to discuss the important content of the show and how it relates to their own lives. A few of the questions that were discussed were:

  1. What kinds of things happen when we act like we are the "center of the universe"?
  2. Share a time when you lost something and how it made you feel? If it was returned to you by someone who found it, how did that make you feel and why?
  3. Does anybody have a friend or classmate that can't do everything you can do because they may be sick or are living with a disability? What ways have you thought of to help them?
  4. What good things can you do every day to help others have a better day?

Monday we start our Owen Citizenship's community and national service projects.

  1. Through October we are accepting gently used or new winter coats, boots, scarves, mittens and hats to support our families in need and in District 204. There are two very large boxes in the main entrance of the ship for you to drop your donations off.
  2. Our passengers are eager to fill their classroom treasure chest with money to reach our goal of $2,000 to support the American Humane Society and Habitat for Humanity. Each provides relieve to the families and animals who were victims of the recent devastating hurricanes. For more information on these organizations, please use the links below.

Me mates and me are grateful that we haven't had hurricane force winds or seas to navigate the Owen Citizenship through and we know ye landlubbers will support us so we can raise our "Citizenship" flag with pride high above the crow's nest!

Cap'n Earlenbaugh

Big picture

The Owen Citizenship's T - R - R - F - C - C Activities!

Please celebrate ye passenger's great character by supporting our two citizenship projects this year. Good character not only is demonstrated on an individual basis, but as groups of people work together to meet a need in their community or world.

Shiver me timbers, we are excited for the festivities to begin on Monday. We set sail with our gently used or new winter wear to support District 204 families. Size doesn't matter. The winter wear can be for ye little ones or the old salts! Our passengers who are learning like pirates on this journey are eager to bring in their loot to fill their classroom treasure chest. The Captain's cabin with the most "loot", will win a pizza party! When the whole ship reaches their goal of $2,000 dubloon or more, the Owen Citizenship will have a celebration from the bow to the stern of the ship!

Our classroom Captains will recognize six passengers in their cabin as their CHARACTER COUNTS! Ambassadors for the week. Ye passengers will be writing in their daily logs why they are a kid for character. Our spirit week includes even more.

Monday, Oct. 22nd

  • Recognize our Trustworthiness and Respect Ambassadors.
  • Wear blue and or yellow
  • OR make yourself a rainbow of character by wearing as many colors of the CC! pillars as possible.
  • Read the Presidential Proclamation for 2018 National CHARACTER COUNTS! Week.
  • Ice cream party for passengers who earned two or more Positive Referrals and no Office Referrals during first quarter.
  • Dining for Dollars at Houlihans! Hope to see you there. Let them know you are an Owen Owl.

Tuesday, Oct. 23rd

  • Recognize our Responsibility Ambassadors.
  • Wear green.
  • PJ or comfortable clothes and stuffed animal day.


  • Recognize our Fairness Ambassadors.
  • Wear orange.
  • Crazy hair and socks day.
  • Passengers and me mates will design their own cabin flag to raise on deck. It will be a beacon for all passengers on the Owen Citizenship to see that their cabin supports the six T-R-R-F-C-C! pillars of CHARACTER COUNTS!

Thursday Oct. 25th

  • Recognize our Caring Ambassadors.
  • Wear red.
  • Wear your favorite sports team wear and hat.

Friday, Oct, 26th - The Owen Citizenship's School Store Opens!

  • Recognize our Citizenship Ambassadors.
  • Wear purple and Owen wear.
  • School store is in the LMC during arrival at 8:50 a.m. Passengers may bring up to $5.00 to shop.
  • Announce ye treasure chest total for our service project and the Captain's Cabin who earned the pizza party.