Aldine ISD 2019 STEMFest

Information and FAQs all about STEMFest

STEMFest is coming soon!

On Saturday, May 4th, Aldine ISD STEM will take over the Aldine ISD Staff Development & Resource Center for the first-ever STEM Festival. Elementary and Middle school STEM and/or computer science students, as well as coding/STEM club members from around the district, will convene under one roof to showcase their web, app, or computing device successes they have created during the school year.

Students, Teachers, District Leaders, influencers, and the tech community will have the opportunity to learn from and alongside students, as they explore a myriad of coding projects showcasing apps, the web, and computing devices. They will have an opportunity to investigate the real-world applications of computer science and how Computer Science bridges the gap between classroom and careers.


Saturday, May 4th, 8:30am-2:30pm

9999 Veterans Memorial Drive

Houston, TX

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FAQs and/or Most Common Questions

Who can attend?
  • Students in grades 1st-8th grades.
  • Each campus can bring up to 10 students.
  • Elementary students who are participating in campus Coding/STEM Clubs. If your campus does not offer a STEM/Coding Club, students that have been selected by a campus sponsor (the person that will be the chaperone and attending STEMFest with the students) can participate.
  • Middle School students that are currently in a Computer Science/STEM class or in a coding/STEM Club. If your campus does not offer a STEM/Coding Club, students that have been selected by a campus sponsor (the person that will be the chaperone and attending STEMFest with the students) can participate.

How can students sign up/register for STEMFest?

  • Students can sign up/register for STEMFest through their campus sponsor/chaperone. This can be a teacher/librarian/campus administrator/etc. Students DO NOT fill out the registration form.

How do we complete the registration/sign up form?

  • Use the link above or on the STEMFest Website to register an individual student/team.
  • If you have any questions/concerns-- feel free to contact Shaina Glass for more information.

How many events can students register to participate in?

  • Students can participate in up to 2 events that are for competition.

How many chaperones are needed from our campus?

  • Each campus will need at least one chaperone/sponsor per 10 students.
  • A MAX of 10 students can participate from each campus.

We have more than 10 students that would like to participate-- can we have more than 10 students sign up?

  • Currently, we are only accepting a MAX of 10 students per campus. After the registration period closes--if every campus does not sign up, we will accept more students from those campuses that have a higher # of students that requested to participate.
  • Suggestion: the campuses can have a local competition to determine which students will attend STEMFest.

What are the times for the event on Saturday?

  • The event times are from 8:00 am- 3:00 pm. The start time is 8:30 am and end time is 2:30.

Can students get dropped off at the event site?

  • Students will need to come with their chaperone. Transportation will be available for all campuses--at satellite locations across the district. If arrangements are made for students to arrive at the event site--that will need to be verified by the Chaperone/Sponsor. Students will not be able to sign in at the event without their chaperone/sponsor.

Are parents able to attend?

  • Parents are allowed to attend the event. Parents must also include their attendance on the permission slip PRIOR to the event.

Will lunch be provided?

  • Yes, a light breakfast and lunch will be provided for all students and their chaperones/sponsors.

Have additional questions or concerns that aren't listed above? Feel free to reach out to Shaina Glass for further assistance!


This event is being brought to you by the following departments, companies, and organization:

  • Aldine ISD Instructional Technology Department
  • Aldine ISD Library Services
  • Aldine ISD Elementary & Primary Science
  • Aldine ISD Magnet

College/University Partnerships

  • Rice University Mathematics Project
  • University of Houston


  • Apple
  • Microsoft
  • Acer
  • CDW
  • Hewlett-Packard (HP)