Youth Celebration!

An awesome experience for youth!

Youth Celebration

This awesome experience will leave you breathless. This trip has country singing and Christian Goddly singing. This package will also provide you with 3 meals each day with snacks of your choice.

Calvery Worship Center

1. You will start out at my church, Calvery Worship Center in St. Louis, and experience the holy presence of the lord and experience the awesome sermon that are taught by the pastor of Calvery, Pastor Mark Marxhausen.

Country Christmas Celebration

2. The second stop will be at another church but is having a little twist. It will not be a normal church experience. You will have a performance that is not related to church.This will be a country singing about Christmas and comedy in the performance too. If you like comedy this is the trip for you. It will be a blast. I had a blast when I came here for the first time. This is called Country Christmas Celebration.

Aquire the Fire

3. The final stop will astound you to want to shout praises to the lord. It is Aquire the Fire. An outstanding youth foundation that helps you to be a believer and also just to have fun. You sing amazing songs with a band and have sermons that are taught for teens to understand. This fantastic program will leave you breathless and want you to come back again.

Acquire the Fire "Relentless Pursüt" 2012-2013

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Family Package (two adults and two kids)


Family Package (two adults and one kid)




Kids (Under 13)


My experience

My name is Aaron and these places were so amazing! It changed my life and I felt different after I went on these. I felt the holy spirt, the first time I have ever felt it.

At Aquire the Fire that is the place where I had felt the holy spirit. All my friends and I just started to cry for no reason. We justed to to cry. The holy spirit was in that room. I got a strong connection with the holy spirit. It was amazing feeling, it felt like I was a new person.


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Customer Testimonials

Bob Swenson

- I went on this trip and I loved it. This changed my life forever. I was not a believer and now I am a believer! Come to this tour. It will change your life forever!

Tommy Hanson

- This was an awesome trip. My favorite stop was Aquire the Fire because it changed my life forever. Now I believe in Jesus and I am saved. Thanks so much Youth Celebration for putting on this tour.

Calvery Worship Center

Sunday, Mar 24th, 10am-12pm

9500 Minnetonka Blvd

Minneapolis, MN

Country Chirstmas Celebration

Monday, Mar 25th, 2-4pm

16655 Kenyon Ave

Lakeville, MN

Aquire the Fire

Tuesday, Mar 26th, 11am-11pm

1901 SE 4th St

Minneapolis, MN