Las Fallas

"We Know It All" ~Nicole Barrow

¿Who, What, Why, Meaning?

Las Fallas is a super-festival that attracts many foreign festivals and many Spanish tourists all over the country. San José (who is the patron saint of carpenters), the main focus of the festival. This started in the Middle Ages when the carpenters would hang parots (planks of wood) that would hold candles so that they could work. When Winter would end and Spring swould begin, those planks of would, would be burned away to resemble the end of dark working days. As the years went on they started adding things to these planks of wood, such as clothing and other things to represent their personality. These became an indication of today's paper maché objects. Eventually authorities combined Saint Joseph's Day with the burning of the parots to keep it from becoming out of control. There are a group of people for each community who organize everything and gather the money to build these ninots. There are people who spend months building and constructing these figures.

Las Fallas

Sunday, March 15th, 2pm to Thursday, March 19th, 4pm

Valencia, Spain

Valencia, Valencian Community