Anne Frank

1929 - 1945

Growing Up

Anne Frank was born on June 12,1929 in Frankfurt, Germany. Anne frank was best known as the "human face of Holocaust".


Anne had a wonderful family who loved and cared for her. Her parents were Edith and Otto Frank. She had a sister that was three years older than she was. Her name is Margot.

The Netherlands

As Adolf Hitler comes to power, the Franks leave Germany and move to the Netherlands. Anne was only four years old when they moved to Amsterdam in the Netherlands. She has made lots of friends.
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Anne's Story

Anne's biggest struggle was hiding for about two years and keeping her family safe.Her favorite hobby was to collect movies and post cards of famous movie stars. Anne is known for being a young writer but most of all telling a story as hiding from the Nazis. She was an amazing young girl who had a heart.

Anne's Death

Anne Frank died sometime in March 1945 from a sickness called Typhus. She was only 15 when she passed away.Anne was a great hero and always will be to me. She was a wonderful girl. I hope one day i can be like her.
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