My Individual Action Plan

Academic Goal

My Academic Goal is to be able to get into a college/university after I have graduated high school.

Athletic Goal

My Athletic Goal is to be able to run without getting as tired.

Personal Goal

My Personal Goal is to be able to graduate a university with a least a Bachelors degree.


My Resources are Mr. Jezowski and Mrs. Joyce. My mom and my sisters.

Physical Obstacle

My Physical Obstacle is that when I run I get tired easily.

Family Obstacles

I don't have any family obstacles.

School Obstacles

My School Obstacle is that my mom might not have enough money for me to go to college in the future.

Financial Obstacles

My Mom is struggling with her job, she doesn't earn as much money as she should.

Attitude/Motivation Plan

My Motivation Plan to achieve college is I have to be Aspiring and Ebullient. I want to consider myself Aspiring and Ebullient because I want to become a successful person in life, and I want to be happy will my accomplishments.

Education/Training Plan

My Education Plan is that I want to get good grades in school and finish high school so that I could then apply for scholarships which would allow me to go to college.

Plan for Acquiring Needed Skills

My Plan for Acquiring Needed Skills is that I want to practice running so that I could get used to running long distances without getting as tired.

Plan for Study and Practice

My plan for Study and Practice is to be able give myself more time to do my homework so that I could learn better.