Butylated Hydroxyanisole


In the world today, many companies cut corners to maximize profit and minimize expenses. Most of these comes at the cost of the consumers and customers. Many of the chemicals used are harmful and poisonous. One of these chemicals is butylated hydroxyanisole or for short BHA.

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What is BHA

BHA is a synthetic antioxidant and is often utilized as preservative. It is found in beauty and food products.
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Health and Environmental Effect

BHA is very harmful to us and could initiate allergic reaction. BHA is also classified a human carcinogen. It is also known to alter hormonal functions and can sometimes stimulate tumours. In experiments with lab rats, it has been shown to disturb lung and liver functions. BHA is able to bioaccumalate and is able to harm the ecosystem

Examples of where BHA is included

BHA is included in cosmetic and beauty products. BHA is also used as a preservative in food products

Regulatory Status of BHA

BHA has been flagged for assessment by the Chemicals Management Plan. Furthermore, it is known as a high human health priority. Europe bans the use of BHA in perfumes and California dictates that products with BHA must have a warning that it my cause cancer

Alternative Substances as Perservatives

Vitamin E is a perfectly good preservative.