Language and Writing, Science and Technology, Architecture

Science and Technology

Most famous technology is the system of roads. Also increased the efficiency of farming with terraces and by improving their draining system. Giant advances in medicine with the trephination head surgery.

Art and Architecture

Incas used a mix of yucay limestone, green sacsahuaman diorite porphyry, and black andesite to make their stone for their buildings. Roofs made from grasses or reeds placed on poles made of wood or cane. Stone was shaped with harder stones and bronze tools and were pounded not cut. Buildings survived 500 years of earthquakes. Buildings with high honor were sheeted with gold.



Quechua ( KECH - WAH ) is the official language of the Incas. About 10 million people speak it in South America.


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Quipus is used for a memory aid sending messages and recording information.


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