NHS Monday Morning Memo

Week 31 March 21 - March 25

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This weekend was a special time in astronomy. This is when the sun's direct rays are crossing over the Earth's equator from the southern hemisphere to the northern hemisphere.

Okay, that's great but what does it mean? It means that the vernal equinox is here, and astronomically speaking, spring has officially begun.

If you missed Sweeney Todd over the weekend, make sure to catch Monday or Tuesday's performances.

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Weekly Forecast

Monday, March 21 - Sweeney Todd; Golf @ Highland Golf Course; tennis @ Newnan; LXC @ Newnan

Tuesday, March 22- Sweeney Todd; Grades must be posted by 10 AM; FAFSA Night 6-7:30 PM in 9th LL; Tennis @ Newnan; Baseball @ Langston Hughes

Wednesday, March 23- Golf @ Newnan; Tennis @ EC; LXC @ Newnan

Thursday, March 24- LXC @ Riverside Military Academy;

Friday, March 25- LXC @ Newnan; Baseball @ Newnan

To Do List

  • ROCK THE VOTE: . Announce to seniors that Rock the Vote voter registration at NHS will be from 4-7 p.m. on Monday, April 25 in the NHS Media Center. Direct them to the new NHS Youtube Channel for a shoutout from the Jeff and Jenn show on Star 94.1!
  • Coins for Cupcakes: If you made a donation to the Coins for Cupcakes fundraiser to Nikki Henderson, you can wear jeans on Monday. She will still take your minimum donation of $5 Monday before 8:00 a.m. Please remember to wear the sticker she provides you showing you made your contribution.
  • Sweeney Todd Day: Staff and students will be wearing their Sweeney Todd shirts on Monday, March 21 to support our fantastic cast, crew, and directors of fantastic performance! Encourage students to show up to see this one in a lifetime NHS performance!
  • Club/Organization Sponsors: If you are planning to sponsor a club/organization for the 2016-2017 be sure to return the Sponsor Intent form that was place in your box to Rena Hudson by Friday, March 25. If you are interested in sponsoring a new club, email Jeff Bryant by Friday, March 25 as well!
  • We need your help: PLEASE complete this school climate survey (again for some of you). We are in need of 30+/-more. http://apps.gadoe.org/schoolclimate/personnel.nsf/Survey.xsp
  • Dress Code: Stop what you are doing and look at every student in your room. Are they following dress code?
  • Student Shoutout: See a student who makes you smile, who is in the right place, at the right time, doing the right thing? Share his/her story with Puckett in an email and include the words STUDENT SHOUTOUT in the subject line. Several shoutouts will be randomly selected and announced over the intercom. PBIS incentives may also be in the works!
  • Staff Shoutout: See a teacher or staff member who goes above and beyond to help students or other staff members? Share his/her story with Puckett in an email and include the words STAFF SHOUT in the subject line. Several shoutouts will be randomly selected and announced over the intercom. PBIS incentives may also be in the works!
  • Grading Window is Open: Post grades by Tuesday, March 22, at 10:00 a.m.
  • Throwback Thursday: Begin planning now for Throwback Thursday. Review prior content and remediate struggling students. This week's throwback theme is Rocking to the Arts. Staff wearing a shirt or garment recognizing their favorite artist, musician, movie, actor, Broadway show, or song may also wear jeans on Thursday.
  • Centre for Performing and Visual Arts Applications to reserve the CPVA are in the Principal's Office. They must be approved by Dr. Puckett and returned to the Centre by March 31st.
  • Braves Tickets: Representatives will be on campus March 29 from 11:30-2:00 for staff members interested in purchasing discounted tickets.
  • SLDS: Our goal is 50 clicks per month for each certified staff member. Get with Shawn or Tara Atkinson if you need help.
  • Golf Shirts: If you are interested in purchasing a long sleeve golf t-shirt, get with Coach Daigler. The last day to order is this Friday.
  • Staff Input: Be sure to review the recently shared SBLT agenda. SBLT members are your source of input and information. If you have something to discuss, get it to your department chair. Also, let your department chair or SBLT rep know if you are interested in using the SMORE program used to create this newsletter regularly in your classroom or organization!

NHS Rockstars

March Madness... Newnan's CInderella Team Dominates at Winter Jam 2016: Staff vs Students!

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Technology Highlight of the Month

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Introducing Talkboard: The Collaborative Whiteboard App for iPad Citrix

Talkboard by Citrix - A real-time collaborative whiteboard

This fantastic FREE application allows you to collaborate with anyone who that has the app. Whether it is one person or several people, everyone can work collectively on one interactive whiteboard. Collaborative, student lead illustrations can be used to explain a concept (teacher can monitor and add to in real time). There is also the ability to have teacher lead discussions with illustrations that students can remotely add content.


https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/talkboard-by-citrix/id691766202?mt=8 Currently in the works for HTML5 version to work on Android, Chrome and Windows

Reel to Real:

Spring Break Teachers Hold On

Our Great Teachers!

It's Great to Be a Newnan Cougar!

We are Newnan!