Mumps Virus on the Loose!

December 2005 Iowa

How did this start in your body?

The Mumps Virus is an RNA virus and reproduces using the Lysogenic cycle. The Mumps adds three steps when working with the Lysogenic Cycle rather than the Lytic Cycle. "The cell injects the viral DNA then the viral DNA intergrates itself into the host's cell's DNA. The host cell then replicates with the viral DNA. An external force triggers the viral DNA which starts the viral protein synthesis. The Lytic cycle resumes from this point on and the virus spreads".

How do I cure the mumps?

Mumps can not be cured, but it can be prevented, with the vaccine MMR (measels-mumps-rubella). The MMR vaccine prevents over 90% of the virus and complications from the virus. The mumps have decreased more than 99% since 2005.