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Week of February 8, 2016

Highlights of Our Learning


  • During Readers' Workshop, we read Officer Buckle and Gloria. We deepened our comprehension skills by learning more about cause and effect.
  • We created Officer Buckle Safety badges and wrote one of our favorite Officer Buckle safety tips!
  • We completed a cause and effect activity while playing the game "Scoot."
  • To reinforce our understanding of compound words, we played Compound Word Boggle.


  • We completed Unit 7 and began Unit 8 learning about the controlled-r vowel sounds -ar, -er, -ir, -ur, and -or.


  • We learned how to use the open number line to solve math problems.
  • We completed an open response money word problem and validated our response by using varies problem solving strategies such as open number lines, number grids, and base-10 blocks.
  • We had Valentine's Day math centers on Friday.
  • We learned to play an new Math game called "Shut the Box" on the iPad.

Social Studies

  • We discussed the roles of Community Leaders and their 3 important roles: make laws, spend money on community services, and build things for the community.

Reading ~ Cause & Effect Activity

We played the game "Scoot" using Cause and Effect Cards. Each group moved around the room to read the cards and determine if the underlined part of the sentence was the Cause or the Effect.

Officer Buckle Says...

Social Studies

As community members, we made sign to present to Community Leaders at a town meeting. The children created signs asking the Community Leaders to either make a law, spend money on a service, or build something new for the community's run-down playground.

Reading Retreat ~ "100 Compliments" ~ Way to Go, 2MU!

Since we earned our 100th BEE, the children had the added feature of bringing in a board game to play with friends. We extended the time of our Reading Retreat to celebrate!

Exchanging Valentine's Day Cards with 4L Buddies

We visited our 4L buddies to exchange Valentine's Day cards. 2MU made some very creative cards using "pop-ups" and cut out hearts. At the same time, 4L dazzled 2MU with cards full of glitter and colorful designs, too! We also enjoyed spending time reading books with our 4L buddies while we snacked on some popcorn!

Valentine's Day Celebration

Star Student of the Week~ Emma Lisiecki

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