Andrew Jackson Good or Bad

The Era of Jackson

The Nullification Crisis

The nullification crisis was a crisis for the southerns because they did not like tariffs. They thought tariffs were bad because they had to buy more expensive things for farming and growing crops. The southerns also did not like the crisis because if they said no they were going to be force to pay their taxes by the U.S. Army and Andrew Jackson. Andrew also threaten to hang John C. Calhoun. It ended by South Carolina agreeing to pay there taxes after the threats. John C. Calhoun did not get hanged by Andrew Jackson.

The National Bank Killing

The national bank killing to Andrew Jackson was unconstitutional. Jackson thought the national bank was only good for the wealthy. Jackson got rid of the national bank even thought the supreme court ruled the national bank constitutional. Andrew Jackson went behind the supreme court back and got rid of the national bank. The only reason Andrew Jackson got to get rid of the national bank was his power of veto. Jackson also made the economy fall after the closing of the national bank.

The Spoils System

The spoils system was when Jackson gave his supporters jobs in the government. The people who worked there lost their jobs to some ordinary people. They only lost their job because they were not supporters of Jackson. It was also not good for the U.S. because people who did know how to do their job got fired and the people who didn't know got the job.
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This political cartoon show how Andrew Jackson thinks that killing the national bank was good because he thought it was unconstitutional and how the bank was only for the wealthy. Last is that the picture show that the banker are devils and he was killing them.

Comment 1

I'm a plantation owner and I hate Jackson because he want use the farmers to pay more for U.S. stuff and even more Britain stuff. I also don't like him because of tariffs. Another reason I don't like him is that he let ordinary people run our country. I also don't like him because he was forcing the Native American out because he doesn't like them even though they were minding there own business and trying to be like a normal citizen by learning English, going to church, following order, etc. He also said he would give them a lot of thing like money, time, medics, food, etc. Last he made them leave in the dead of winter and a lot of them died.

Comment 2

I'm a Frontiersman and I love Andrew Jackson because he was a frontiersman like me and he is now the president of the U.S. Another reason i like him is because he let me get a job in the congress. Another reason he is awesome is that he got rid of the national bank, he got rid of the Native Americans, etc. This is why Andrew Jackson is the best president.