What's Happening

Week of February 4th

SCHEDULE FOR THE WEEK of February 11th

Monday, February 11th

8:00 Kdg registration planning with teachers

9:00 Meet with Amy, Jamie, and Niki about ISASP

10:00 IEP meeting

11:00 Meeting with Sioux City Foundation

1:30 Meet with ALT school

1:30 IEP meeting

3:00 Be up at WHS for Dr. Gausman presentation and PD

Tuesday, February 12th

8:00 Preschool Team meeting

8:30-3:30 Job Fair with Dr. Vannatta

3:40 10 min Stand Up meeting

Wednesday, February 13th

8:00 CARE/Tier 2 team

8:15 Dr. Appt

9:15 Teacher Classroom

10:45 Help with YR

11:00 Teacher Classroom

3:15 Tornado Drill

4:00 Title I meeting-ESC

Thursday, February 14th

7:30 Blood Draw

8:00-4:00 CADRE

3:30 Preschool IEP

Friday, February 15th

8:00 Safety Meeting

8:30-12 Classroom observation

10:45 Help with YR

2:30 Valentine Parties

Literacy tidbits...........Keep Calm, Stay Anchored

We are coming along! I am seeing visual rotation schedules in classrooms, tasks that are connected for the students with a purpose, small groups based on skill, and various stages of Must Do/May Do sheets depending on the grade level.

Remember to utilize your Lexia data as a support for skills based work. Even if your sorting data from last week did not show a large need in some of the smaller skills, your Lexia data might give you a different picture. This could be a resource for your small group, the lesson extension, or maybe even just a Must Do depending on the data.

If you are seeing a skill or group of skills that we just do not have enough resources for, please let Niki or myself know so that we can help you. We will have some additional time for you to access some of the resources we discussed at PD last week as well. You might have additional thoughts after your Model Classroom visits too.

Thank you for all the work you are doing!


Feb. 15 2:30 Valentine's Day parties

Feb. 25 Conferences

Feb. 26 Conferences

Mar. 1 Conference Exchange Day