All About Me

Jaskarn Johal

Who Am I

Hi my name I Jaskarn Johal i am 15 years old and turning 16 on October 26 2000. I was born at trillium hospital located in Toronto Ontario. I lived in Mississauga Ontario. I attended briarwood public school which was my elementary school. I moved to Brampton Ontario when I was in grade 6. When iu moved to Brampton in grade 6 I started to attend a privet school called khalsa community school. I attended khalsa community school until grade 8 then i switched to Louis arbor in grade 9 I am currently attention Louis arbor secondary school

My Life Line

going to usa

My Favorite Things

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

one thing that i can not live without is my smart phone. i currently have a Samsung s7 edge and i think that i will have this phone for a very long time. my smartphone is what describes me and who i am it has everything that i need. i personally like Samsung over apple because they give you the freedom to change your memory and battery unlike apple in witch case you cant do anything with the phone.


My favorite artist is drake who's full name is Aubrey Drake Graham. drake is a Canadian rapper who was born and raised in Toronto. drake is my favorite rapper because everyone can listen to his songs their is no certain age limit and most of his songs have clean lyrics. i also prefer drake because he is from Toronto aka the 6.
R.I.C.O - Meek Mill ft. Drake CLEAN w/ Lyrics

Toronto Raptors

my favorite sport is basket ball and my favorite team is the Toronto raptors. i like the raptors because they are a really good team and they are from Toronto. the raptors had also made it to the playoffs many times including this year and i am giving them my full support through the ups and downs. i think that the raptors put in allot of work each year to even make it to the playoffs but for some reason they cant get past the first round but that ok because i wont switch teams if the raptors loose because that my home team.

Leadership Style

my leadership style is independent because i really do not do that well when i am supposed to tell people what to do. i like to work by my self on homework and assignments because it gives me more control over what i am doing. but i can not work well independently when i am working on a project because i think that when working on a project i need input from others to make it better.


My parents are my influences because they tell be what will be better for me in the long run. my parents influence me to work harder and put 110% into anything that i am doing either its sports or studying. i learn from my parents and i want to do the same for them as what they did for me.

My Role Model

My role model is Kobe Bryant because he really inspires me to keep on doing what i am doing today. Kobe Bryant always tells people not to give up and it is never to late to try. those words are what motivate me to keep on trying new things and also lets me know that everything comes with failure.

My Future

in the future i see my self becoming a pilot. the reason i want to be a pilot is because i always found flying very fun ever since i was a little boy. my passion for airplanes really started to kick off in grade 4. i started to memories all types of aircraft starting from the Cessna all the way to the largest aircraft in the world which is the airbus a-380-800. i find flying to be very interesting because you get to see the world from a whole new perspective and that is what drives me everyday to become a pilot. i want to see the ways that airplanes work and how to fly an airplane. i still remember my first time in the cock pit of an airplane when i was only in grade 4. and i wish to fly for jet airways some day.

personality test

Knowledge-Creative Arts

In my knowledge quiz I got creative arts I think that this is accurate because i love to draw and paint. I like to do thing with my hands and I like to create stuff. drawing has also been my hobby for a long time.I loved to draw and paint since I was a child.


In this quiz I think that I was very accurate. My motivation is to be independent. I think that when I work on things independently I tent to do work much quicker and better as to I would of done with a group.


My best interest is in designing because I am very artistic. I am my spare time I love to draw and design things. I guess that it is my hobby as well as my passion to draw and create things. I think that the quiz marked me accurately.

learning styles-visual

I think that my learning style is visual. I mostly understand things when I have a visual picture to see because it just paints a picture in my mind on what going on.


I tried to answer all the questions to the best of my ability. at the end I think that the quiz gave me an accurate answer. everyone had different questions so not everyone would have the same personality and that meant that no one can copy.