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Should children who commit violent crimes be tried as adults


Many people believe children who commit a very violent crime should be tried the same as if an adult did it. When you do something that is violent you are obviously going to know that, that crime was no where near good and you have to face the consequences of your actions no matter the age. Juveniles should think twice on their choices which can lead them to face same consequences as adults.

Should juveniles be tried as adults for their violent crimes?

Yes, juveniles should be tried as an adult for committing such a violent crime. If a juvenile kills someone or an adult , you would want them to face the consequences for killing you loved one, regardless the age. Juveniles, like adults, should learn from their mistakes and be punished.
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Counter Argument

Kids shouldn't be tried like an adult, they're still learning more and more about the world around them. Adults have had more experience with the world and know a bit more about it than children would.