Sexual Assault Awareness Week

Is from April 11th to April 16th

Please join us for Cornell University's 2nd Annual Sexual Assault Awareness Week

This week brings together a wide range of communities to foster dialogue about the issue of sexual assault. Check out the calendar of events below.


Keynote Address by Kate Harding

Monday, April 11th, 6pm

Call Auditorium, Kennedy Hall

Art for Awareness Performance Showcase

Tuesday, April 12th, 8pm

The Nines, College Avenue

How Sexual Assault Reporting Differs By College

Wednesday, April 13th, 5:30pm

Room 165, McGraw Hall

Know Your IX: Understanding Title IX and More

Wednesday, April 13th, 6:30pm

Clark Atrium, Physical Sciences Building

Debunking Myths on Sexual Assault: Cornell's Campus Climate

Thursday, April 14th, 5pm

Klarman Atrium

Call to Action: A Forum for Moving Forward

Friday, April 15th, 2pm


The Survivors Unseen: Sexual Assault in the LGBTQ+ Community

Saturday, April 16th, 1pm

Room B21, Anabel Taylor Hall