Miss Rieman's Weekly Letter


Up and Moving!

At the end of the day, our class has been earning end of the day dance parties! This is the best way to end a day full of learning. I hope this continues as a tradition throughout our school year. :)

Upcoming Dates

9/7 No School

9/8 Entertainment Book Sales End

9/14 PTO Spaghetti Dinner

9/17 Early Dismissal

What have we been learning?

A LOT...

Math: All classes have been working on volume this week. We have practiced counting cubes and using formulas to find volume. The kids have been involved in many hands-on activities where they have worked with manipulatives to figure out volume in various ways!

Social Studies: Our class discussed origin stories and put on three reader's theaters that discussed how things came to be according to the Native Americans. Currently, the kids are working in small groups on presentations. They are becoming experts on migration, adaptations, or the environments in which Native Americans lived throughout the United States. Our focus throughout this unit will be; How does where we live effect how we live?

Science: The kids have been conducting many experiments in Mrs. Soetaert's class. They are starting to write and record information on their scientific processes. They are becoming experts at writing testable questions and identifying independent and dependent variables.

Writing: We discussed the writing process and practiced how to correctly use quotation marks. In the coming weeks, we will begin informational paragraph writing.

Reading: This week, we discussed annotating text, different types of conflict, and character development. We practiced annotating by looking at Disney lyrics and finding their deeper meaning. This is a skill we will continue to practice this year. With their book club groups, they worked on identifying internal and external conflicts the characters in their books are facing. We will continue book club over the next two weeks!

Words Their Way: This week we set-up our WTW notebooks and completed a whole class practice sort. Everyone glued a sheet of activities in their notebook as a reference tool. Time will be given in class, but they will be encouraged to take notebooks home to practice throughout the week too. Our goal will be to practice 6-8 times per a week doing various activities.