WestGate Woods Branson

A closer look on why you should visit WestGate Woods!

WestGate Woods Branson

WestGate Woods Branson is one of the largest resorts in the United States. WestGate is a great resort, and lots of people enjoy visiting or even living there. I love visiting WestGate, because there is so many fun things to do. Every time I visit, I seriously never want to leave. However, every time we visit, we have to leave. In WestGate there is always something fun and new to do.

Places that you should visit in WestGate Woods!

WestGate has a lot of visitors every day, so they need to have enough rooms for all the visitors. WestGate has tons of humongous hotel rooms, cabins, and houses, that people can use or live in. There's also a work out room not far from the main building. The activities center is a fun, kid friendly place, with lots of fun things to do. There's a lot of places that you can go too in WestGate. But there is also a lot of fun things to do in WestGate.

Things that you should try in WestGate Woods!

The activities center has tons of fun things that you can do. Such as ping pong, board games, art projects, and they have a Wii and Xbox that you can play games on. There is also a basketball court, with basketballs. Right by the basketball court is a volleyball court, and shuffleboard. WestGate also has an indoor and outdoor pool, with hot tubs. So there is lots of fun things to do in WestGate. But what if it's raining?

The fun zoo!

It's been raining all day, no one could get in through the gate or out, because is was too flooded. We met two guys at the activities center, we did not know their names. But my sister and I called them Texas and Sweaty, because one had a cowboy accent, and the other, well he was just really sweaty. They told us about the back road, and how their was an indoor petting zoo not far away. So we went too go try it out. All in all it was really fun! There were dingo's that we got too go inside the cage and play with, their was also a playful baby kangaroo. There were so many cool animals there.

In Conclusion, you should visit WestGate Woods Branson.

In WestGate Branson, there is always something to do and a ton of places that you can go too. It is a lot of fun, and I am sure that if you go then you will have fun. During holidays it is even more fun, because they only have certain stuff around that season. WestGate will put a smile on your face. For your next vacation, try visiting WestGate Woods Branson.


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About The Author (Brooke Robbins)

WestGate Branson is one of my favorite places to visit. I like to visit the activities center. I always loved to do gymnastics there. The petting zoo was called Wild Life Aquarium. It had sharks, bunnies, alligators, and etc. They had a really cool goat and cow. I absolutely loved it, because I love animals.

About The Kangaroo (Fin)

His name was Fin. He was six months old and the largest kind of kangaroo. The Wild Life Aquarium will have to make a larger habitat for him soon. Fin loves playing with one certain guy, no one else except for one certain guy. Although Fin loves to play, he still needs some training on not kicking.