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Brittney Lewis

Inspector Hopper- Doug Cushman- 2000

Inspector Hopper is a children's short story written by Doug Cushman, published 2000. One afternoon Mrs. Ladybug was sitting in her house enjoying her lunch, when suddenly she disappears. Inspector Hopper and Private Bug work together when they get a call from Mr. Ladybug to solve the mystery. Everyone should read this book because it teaches you to put situations together, but the story personally taught me that not everything is what it seems.

Tuck Everlasting- Natalie Babbitt- 1975

This is a children's novel written by Natalie Babbitt, about a ten- year-old girl named Winnie Foster who is quite tired of her family and is thinking about running away from home in Treegap, New Hampshire. Along her journey she finds a spring and drinks out of it. Unknowingly the spring gives immortality, or the power to never age. While in the woods she meets a sixteen- year- old boy, and is introduced to his family, known as the Tuck family. The Tuck family tries to explain to Winnie the percussions of drinking from the spring, that immortality is more evil than good. An old man dressed in yellow overhears Winnie and the Tuck family talking about the powers of the spring, and infatuated with the idea of immortality, he decides to sell the spring water to make great fortune.

The Cay- Theodore Taylor- 1969

The Cay is a childrenś novel written by Theodore Taylor, published in 1969. The main character is a young boy who is aboard the Hato. After the boat is torpedoed, the boy, a man along with a cat then drift out to sea on a lifeboat. While being lost at sea, the come across a small ¨cay¨ or island. Timothy steers the lifeboat to the small island while Phillip wants to stay at sea because he thinks itś a better chance of getting rescued. While on the island, they all must come together in order to stay alive, with the hope of soon being rescued.

The Great Gatsby (movie)- F. Scott Fitzgerald- 1925

The Great Gatsby was published in 1925, written by F. Scott Fitzgerald. The book follows the lives of many characters who live in West Egg in Long Island. However the book mainly focuses on the luxurious lifestyle of Jay Gatsby who is madly in love with the debutant Mrs. Daisy Buchanan. The original movie came out in 1974, produced by David Merrick. The modern movie based on the book was produced in 2013. Everyone should read this book because it uses idealism and represents the Jazz Age and the 'Roaring Twenties'.

Hamlet- William Shakespeare- 1603

The play dramatically describes the death of the Prince of denmark, and the revenge he seeks on his Uncle Claudius, who murdered the King. To make matters worse, Claudius becomes the new King by marrying his deceased brothers wife. The book stood out to me personally because it's not just one story, it's multiple stories within each other. Hamlet is a great read for others because it shows the evils and tragedies in life. Showing how much revenge can sometimes get the best of people, how anger and resentment can drive people to do crazy things.

Sir Gawain and the Green Knight-Pearl Poet- 14th Century

The poem was published in the 14th century, written by Pearl Poet. Sir Gawain and the Green Knight is described by codes-of-behavior, showing the mortality of one. Telling the story of how a strange knight dressed in green, uninvited, disrupts a knights dinner hosted by the King. When the Green Knight makes the dual with the "bravest" one. When one of the knights took the sword and cut off the Green Knight's head, the Green Knight miracally stands on his feet, it tells the tale of the quest given to the Knight. This play should be read by others because Sir Gawain and the Green Knight critiques the idea that the chivalry code is valued more than truth itself.

To Kill A MockingBird- Harper Lee- 1960

To Kill a MockingBird was a book tells the story of Scout Finch, who lives with her brother Jem, and her widowed father, who all live in the town of Maycomb, Alabama. The town is going through the Great Depression, but Scout's father, Atticus is a lawyer so they are financially more well off than the rest of their community. Scout and Jem one day mock the story of the black boy named "Boo" Radley. Their father instantly stops their mockery, trying to get the children to see life from another person's perspective. I enjoyed this read because it deals with segregation, how people are so quick to judge one based on how they look. This book should be read by all because it does teach you to look at life through other people's lives.

Night- Elle Wiesel- 1956

Night is a memoir written by Elle Wiesel, published in 1956, sharing the horrific story of a teenager who survived the Holocaust. Telling how she survived and the pains her and her family went through. Night touched me personally because it goes in such horrific detail of the situation, showing you a real true perspective on how tragically those who were taken were treated. This is a great read for anyone and everyone as well because it shows the truth behind this tragic innocent, showing how evil some people can be.

The Importance of Being Earnest-1895- Oscar Wilde

This comical, creative play worked on by Oscar Wilde takes serious situations and makes jokes out of them. The play gives off the idea that unimportant things are valued more than important things. Saying that men and women are expected to do ridiculous things in order to follow society manners. Imagine not knowing if your name is actually your real name, not knowing who your parents are. Imagine having a woman who is madly in love with you only because of the name you have. This was a great read because it makes important things seem so irrelevant compared to what image your name gives off, or what side of the street you stand on. Making life seem so comical.

1984- George Orwell- 1949

1984 is a book written by George Orwell, but ironically the book was published in 1949. George Orwell wrote this book on what the year 1984 would be like. What if the government controlled everything? How you thought, what you watched on TV, what you said. Your entire life, monitored by the government. The book shows the idea of totalitarianism, basically the idea of a dictator but even worse. Explains the life of a man who is constantly watched by the government, who decides to make a diary even though he knows the drastic consequences if the government found out about it. This is personally one of my favorite books because to me George wrote 1984, to show the people of the world how our government will end up if we don't have a say in it. Basically George is predicting if we let the government monitor our homes and cellphones, that it could be just the start of it.