the greatist escape in history

What is alcatraz

Alcatraz was what they called a prison that was not escapable prison they believed that no could escape the prison on a island

and the living conditions are horrible because they only got out like 3 times a week and D block only got 1 day a week for 20 minutes and those are the ones that don't listen and if they were bad in D block you should be put in sanitary ware it is a dark room with a little lite you weren't in there all the time but it's like 14 days you are in there and if you were bad again they would put you in a different kind of solitary where you have nothing but underwear no light and it is freezing so you had to sleep standing up and they were in there for a month so they basically went crazy.

The way you got there was well if you were bad in the city they put you in jail if you were bad in prison you get sent to alcatraz.

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The inmates (Frank lee morris,Shon william and Clearance fungi)

they were the ones that did it.

on june 11 1962

Frank lee morris,Shon william and Clearance fungi

did something great they escaped the prison and you may ask how well what they did was chipped away at the vent shaft in the back of her cell and got thru the vent and once they did that they had to watch for the guards but what they did was map the time they had to get throw the other shaft so they hired chipped throw that one and when they got to the top they had a hole bunch of raincoats from the black market and sewed them all together so they could get across the bay to the city so once they got down to the bay they put it in and got the pedals made from wood and went to the site.

that was the escape but no one knows for sure if they really did a lot of people think they did but some say they didn't but we will never know because there was no bodies found and the bay had a intake of 2 clicks so the tide probably could've pulled them out or if there buot didn't work then they would of died from hyperthermia because the water was less than 50 degrees f so they could've easily died from that and the people they asked were the guards and inmates and the inmates said they did and the guards said they didn't so we will never know if they did or did not.

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What they used to escape was glue,hand made tools,electrical nail clippers,drill bits,motorized drill concordian

there plan was to get out the back vent to get in the wall then go to the top and open the ventilation shaft and then grab the hand made boat and paddles and go to sor to change cloths steal a car and go their separate ways

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