Privacy and security

Who is lurking?

Social Media is a spy.

Some social media give the information or password to the police when they come knocking the door. When you are signing up for a social media it gives a term that you need to accept to use the social media and is allowing them to be able to give your information to the cops.

Be careful of Shopping?

When you shopping online they are many online stores that could scam you and could use all the information that you put of the credit card and they use it to buy their own stuff that they need. So when you shopping for Christmas or the holidays be careful that they would not scam you.

Avoid getting fraud or scam online.

Know how to tell if a website that looks suspicious. If they have a bad design, a lot of multiple pop ups come out it might be fake that could scam you. To stay safe you could pay payments with PayPal. To avoid getting scam.