Freedom Rides

civil rights project

who was involved in this event?

african americans, all minorities, and also the supreme court. whites were opposing the idea of minorities sitting on the front of the bus.

What Happened During This Event?

During this event it was iliegal for minorities to sit in the front of the bus. all minorities were forced to sit in the back of the bus, but one day a group of blacks decided to test the supreme courts law by sitting in the white colored area.

When Did This Event Occur?

Freedom rides occured duiring May 4, 1961

Where Did This Event Occur?

This event occured in Washington D.C.

Why Did This Event Occur?

This happened because they were trying to fight segregation.

What Events or circumstances led to this event or caused it to occur?

the supreme court ruled that from traveling from stare to state colors or minorities had to sit in the back and whites had to sit in the front away from the blacks.

What were the effects of the Freedom Rides

The blacks were free of public segregation. They could sit wherever they wanted on the bus.

How did this event contribute to the civil rights movement as a whole?

It raised awareness of what was happening in the south and how cruel the whites were being to the blacks and how far segregation had gone over the years