Cindercone Volcano!

A Beautiful Volcano!

Cindercone Volcanoes!

The Cindercone volcano, has a lot of interesting facts like, for example, the Cindercone volcano is also called the scoria volcano. There are even more facts that we are going to tell you in this presentation.

How Its Formed

The Cindercone volcano is formed when pilled up magma forms into a volcano, and whenever the volcano erupts the lava builds up along the volcano and gives it its cone shape.

Mount Puu Oo

Mount Puu Oo is located in Hawaii, and one of the famous eruptions recorded is in June, 1983. What was so beautiful was when it made lava fountains that shot up very high, people could see it from far away. ( height of lava fountain is 460 meters high ), and we could not find any info from how many people died, so, we are guessing that no one had died.
6-13-13 - 3 Hawaii Kilauea Volcano Puu Oo Vent Lava Flow Nikon D800