Land of the Himalayan Mountains

Nepal is a beautiful city full of rich culture and tons of fun activities.

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Location, Weather, Climate Type, Physical Features

Located in South West Asia right above India. The weather in Nepal is hot in the summer and warm in the winter. Many climates range in this region one example is coniferous forest and tundra. One physical characteristic is the Himalayan mountains including Mt.Everest another is over 30 natural caves in the area.

Language, Folkways, Taboos

The official language of the country is Nepali others include Buhatan and Burma. Social life in Nepal is headed by the father and the oldest son. Women have traditional roles much like women in America in the early 1900's cooking some of the many roles they take part in are cooking, cleaning, taking care of the children. Poetry in Nepal usually centered around patriotism, independence, and national pride. Religious ceremonies involving drums. Yes and no are confusing for Nepalis if you would like to say yes for something you simply tilt your head to the side. When your eating you only touch food with your right hand the left hand is only used for cleaning your face or your other hands. Eating off of someones plate is high frowned upon, you'll be asked to leave the table and think about your actions.

Subcultures and Culture change

One of the many subcultures in Nepal are fashion the youth in Nepal are very into designer clothes and big sunglasses