All about the Wild

By Evan

beacomeing a team

The wild became a team in 2000.Because the north stars had to play for Dallas.The wild became a team 10 years later.It was a long time MN did not have a hockey team.The wild have played for 15 years.


extra facts

The wild hockey rink was built in 1998.The wild have never won the stanley cup

in the 15 years they played.MN did not have hockey team for 10 years because we did not have enough money.

first ever scored goal

The first ever regular season goal was scored by Marian gabrok in october 6 at anahein. now he is famus for the wild.

famus player

zach parize is a famus for the wild.He was born 1984 july 28.He also played for the new jersy devils