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Friday 12/19/2014

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It's the most wonderful time of the year!

Hello lovely stylists!

Santa might be tired but I'm not! I'm working wishlists and offering personal shopping appointments all weekend long! How can you maximize the next few days? Here are some ideas:

1. Wishlists - I can't say enough about these. Find out what your friends/customers want under the tree and play Santa for them! Keep your message/email to men simple - use words like this and be sure to include pics of the requested items:

Hi DeShawn!!!

I'm friends with Kristie Smith and she asked that I send you her wishlist for Christmas!

She has her eye on this necklace from Stella & Dot - the Pave Chevron Necklace in Gold for $79.

You can order the necklace from my website or feel free to shoot me a message or give me a call and I can help.

Order by 12/21 at 2pm CST and your order will arrive by Christmas Eve!

Thanks so much!!!!!

Merry Christmas!

Kathy Chaney
Stella & Dot

2. Personal Shopping Appointments - set up your display at home and let everyone know you are "open" for business through Christmas Eve (or whatever day works for you). If your customer absolutely has to take the piece with them and it's like new, consider letting them take your sample and then put in a replacement order. You must do this as a customer order - so everything is the same except you change the ship to address to you so the replacement is delivered to you.

3. Tote Shows - be sure to have a jewelry roll and some samples in your bag along your lookbooks are you are out and about this weekend/next week. Collect orders as you visit with friends and family.

4. Personal Styling - we have 4 Christmas parties this weekend and I'm wearing two different outfits - just changing up my jewels. Offer to let your BFFs borrow jewels to wear to their parties this weekend...have them come over with their outfit and accessorize them. Be sure to give them business cards/minis for their purse. Put your jewels to work for you! Chances are your friend will order!

5. Panic Saturday - tomorrow is now what's known as Panic Saturday in retail and is expected to be one of the busiest shopping days of the season. Do you want to be at the mall tomorrow? UGH! I don't and I bet my customers don't, either. So be sure to share on social media and via an email to your customers that you are here to help! Service = sales!

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So many of you are soooooo close to Associate Stylist! Check your Career Progress on your Dashboard and let me know if you need help.

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Ok, so I offered $200 in Product Credit in January for an extra $500 in sales and have now realized it was too hard to, I'm changing the rules! My contest, my rules! Ha ha!

To gain entry into the drawing, you must sell at least $1,200 in December...and you'll receive an additional entry for each $500 you sell! Winner drawn and announced after 1/1/2015!

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If you are not on FB, please consider joining and friending me so I can put you in our team FB group and various other S&D groups. We do so much information exchange and training on are missing out!