How Nike Sneakers effect people around the world.

Globalization changes how people live worldwide.

Globalization effects the economy and how/where people live. With the production of Nike Sneakers, it in fact involves a variety of countries around the world as they all do different parts to come together in the end to make a pair of shoes. If one country's factory failed, the rest of the other country's would have to figure out how to make sure the product can still be made while also helping the factory recover. To make one pair of Nike sneaker's it gives the world an opportunity to work together to make them.
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Making Nike Sneakers has an effect on a variety of people and their culture. People from many different countries such as China, Taiwan, Pakistan , India, etc. are making the sneakers that most people wear today. It is a good thing that there are factories all around the world and in many countries; therefore there are more job opportunities for people who need them. Although sometimes that can be a bad thing considering people will take advantage of the low wages. The companies will take advantage by giving workers lower amounts of money when they need more money to help support their family and personal life. Globalization has made it so people all over the world can see what other cultures ideas are and how other cultures do things vs. how do do it.


Technology definitely affects how Nike Sneakers are made around the world. They're manufactured in parts of China, Indonesia, and Vietnam. In the factories are machines that help produce the sneaker faster, but it is also a bad thing because the machines produce a lot of carbon dioxide into the air which isn't good for the environment. Although it is good that there are machines to get the job done fast to maker a faster profit, people who need jobs are loosing out on job opportunities. Globalization makes it so that Nike factories can work together to produce different parts of the sneakers to end up coming together in the end for the finishing product.


The production of Nike Sneakers affects the environment. There are places in countries such as Pakistan, parts of China, parts of India, and even in the USA(Texas) that are being affected in a bad way. But, Nike is working on setting goals for their company and factories so that this problem goes down. For example one of the goals is the energy and climate rate to drop 20% considering they already made a footprint in the environment, like polluting parts of the world with the large number of CO2 that gets in the air from the factories. Globalization makes it so that we can work together to accomplish these goals and make the world a better place by bettering the environment.


The economy is affected by Nike Sneakers in multiple ways. The ecosystems around the world such as the North Atlantic, North Pacific, China, Pakistan, and India are being polluted and affected by Nike Sneakers. It is a good thing there is the factories so jobs can be given to people who need them the most to help support their families, but it wouldn't be such a bad idea to help out the ecosystems as well to make sure they aren't getting too polluted. Globalization makes it so that Nike factories can work together to not fail and not crash. People will come up with ideas to how to make factories less polluting to the environment.

How will lower wages affect the lives of workers?(Culture and Technology)

Lower wages will have a great impact on people. If someone in their family works and doesn't receive enough money, how are they going to support their family? It's not fair to the employee's that work their butt's off to make products when they only get a low wage that's barely enough to support their family. Also, in factories the machines do most of the work so it makes less job opportunities. A way that we can fix this is raising their low wage, at least enough do they don't have to struggle while supporting their families and other situations. Another way would be to open more job opportunities.

How does this effect the environment?

It effects all the ecosystems

How does Globalization relate to me?

Globalization relates to me because if I looked on a tag of any article of clothing, any shoe, any product/jewelry I own, there would be a good chance that it's not from America. So many people around the world don't know each other personally but know they have the same profession and same ideas while making a product. It also relates to me in an economic way; I live in NH and that affects me because California has never seen snow, but last year at this time NH had over 70 inches of it. Globalization affects everyone around the world on where, how, and why you live where you do.

Globalization CAN affect people through a six word story.

Globalization relates to me through a six word story because even though that is a very small amount of words, the message can still get across. "Globalization changes how people live worldwide". It does change how people live because most of the things that people in the USA own are from China or parts of Asia. If Globalization didn't exist and didn't give us the opportunity to receive products from other countries than we probably wouldn't have as many things as we do today. Culture, Technology, Environment, and Economy also tie into my six word story. When we buy products that come from other countries, other cultures have made them and put their hard work and ideas into it. The technology is so advanced, there are different machines in different countries that will do the work for making the product/parts of the product. Many things come from the environment and the economy such as cotton and seeds that are put into products. If we didn't have Globalization, we wouldn't have half the things we have today since most of the products we own are from other countries.