Important, Month End Reminders!

Let's finish April Strong....

Sprint to the Finish!

Hello Everyone!

Wow! April is coming to a close and you all are ROCKING IT OUT!! There are 6 full days left in the month and you can accomplish anything you set your mind to...even if you signed up today. Here are a few reminders and tips to help you reach your goals!!!

Please reach out to me or your mentor/leader if you need support.

Reminder: CLOSE DAY is Thursday, April 30 at 11:59 pm PST

Consultants: You must have a minimum of $150 personal volume to get your paycheck.

Senior Consultants: Must have a minimum of $250 personal volume.

Managers and above: You must have a minimum of $250 personal volume and $250 new volume. New Volume includes orders from any NEW Client, NEW Member, or NEW consultant (consultant start month sales counts for your NEW volume). I would not want you to miss out on a paycheck or promotion if you miss this requirement.

Remember the 50% rule. For promotions.... You cannot take more than 50% of the promotion volume from 1 single leg of your business. We want to grow a "wide" stable business. ex: If you are going for a Promotion to Senior Manager ($5,000) then you can use up to $2,500 from a single branch. The other $2,500 must come from yourself and other branches of your team.

* Don't leave money on the table! Go for $2,000 Personal sales this month- you will earn an extra 10% personal sales bonus! $2,000 building blocks are the BEST way to build this business! Go for the personal sales bonus!

* How close are you to your GOALS? Strategize with your mentor or Director to get there! Amazing things can happen when you focus and "GO FOR IT!"

* Remind all new consultants to have $200 personal volume in their start month to earn their $50 credit next month!

* Encourage new consultants to earn the "Start Counting" incentive! (See details below)

**Only one $50 product credit can be earned on Month 1. Either the $200 PV credit or the $1250 PV credit**

* Coach your first line consultants to reach Manager or above this month and take part in the Managers Matter incentive! Managers are the essential building blocks to Beautycounter's compensation plan. Did you know, that Managers on average generate $26,000 PV per year! *see details below*

Are you close to the next commission bonus level? Check it out below....

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Need some sales ideas to help you get there?

Sales ideas to finish your month strong!

*Hold your own Booking Blitz to increase activity and volume for the last few days of the month and into May.

* Call all your members and clients from last month or beyond. Do a follow up call- How are you loving your products? Are you getting low on anything? Would you like to try something new? Try to book a social with their friends. Share some of our RAVE reviews, InStyle Magazine, "W" Magazine, PURE WOW, The Glosserie.

* Schedule business appointments and invite people to be a part of this amazing ground floor opportunity. There has never been a better time! People are looking for ways to earn additional income and to be part of a movement, something very special! Share the Today Show or Bloomberg TV segments. Don't hesitate to ask your mentor for help with recruiting. Be strategic in doing this! INVITE them to our Sunday night recruiting call!!

* Host your own social in the next 6 days. Impromptu socials are always great!!! Create a fun theme. Invite 3-4 friends over for a glass of wine and to try something new.

* Get 3 product bags out this weekend and pick them up by this week, or do a few 1 day use one on ones, you don't have to leave the product for 2-3 days. Schedule an in home appointment for a friend/neighbor to try any of our products. For those who are on our skin care already- schedule a makeup consultation.

*Bring your products to the gym--who might like to try them out after the workout? Think outside the box! Treat it like a one on one...tell your story, try the products and get the sale.

* Call anyone you can think of and tell them your goal. People are always willing to help if they know what you're asking for!

* Host a virtual Social or a Facebook social. These have been hugely successful throughout our team! Use Facebook or evite to get the invitations out. Close it on the 30th and announce that anyone that places an order by the morning of the 30th will be entered to be drawn as the mystery host - earning all the host rewards from your virtual social. Check the recorded training calls for more great ideas on Facebook and virtual socials

*Look for Vendor events, Health Expos, School events, Networking events/Chamber of Commerce etc....This is a great way to meet NEW people and add them to your contact list.

* Lastly.....Work March right to the end but always keep your eye on May. How does your calendar look for May? Socials, one on ones, business appointments? What are your goals? What will it take to get there? Spend an hour this weekend booking your May calendar. How are you doing w appointments. Schedule a fun team booking blitz (its always more fun doing this together and you can learn from each other and cheer each other on!) Make a commitment, set the time aside and focus.
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Are you close to promoting to the next level?

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If you are in your first or second month of business, check out the incentive below and make sure to take advantage of it!

Call me if I can help. I'd love to help you in any way I can. Here's to an amazing April!! xo-Lynn

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Believe in your dreams- I believe in you!

Thank you for everything you do!!