Welcome to the our country!

Come visit Cienfuegos, Cuba

El Nicho Waterfall . One of our best natural waterfalls. Come take a dip into this cooling water.

Havana Thearte Festival

Saturday, Oct. 25th, 8pm to Monday, Nov. 3rd, 8pm

258 Calle 2

Havana, Havana

Come join this yearly festival, to see the talents of Cuba.

The food is a MUST !

What's Cuba without the world famous Cuban sandwiches ? Plantains ? Or the beans and rice ? Even the meat here is phenomenal. Come have a taste.

Habano Cigar Festival

Cuban Cigars don't just get the name from anywhere. Cuba is home to the best cigars in the world. This festival has 60 different companies from around the world that come together to celebrate Habanos.

Cienaga de Zapata's Wildlife

The Zapata wildlife is as close to exotic as Cuba gets. It is home to the endangered Cuban crocodile, various amphibians, the bee hummingbird and over many different plant habitats. It also is known to be the Caribbean’s largest wetlands, protected in numerous ways. Come here to experience nature at its best.