Resource Round-Up II

Ideas to get you started.

Get to Know You Zoom Activity Ideas

There are a lot of activities you can do to help establish community, ground rules, expectations, and just to get know each other in general.

Getting Started with Writing

There are lots of ways to incorporate writing into your daily routine. Writing and reading are so connected that many of these ideas could also incorporate reading.

Daily journaling: Many grade levels already do this. Journaling is a great way to get kids to express themselves as well as use later as a reference for more directed writing projects.

Read Aloud - Think and Respond
  • Before/During/After reading a picture book or chapter aloud, give students prompts to reflect and write.

Watch a short video

  • Sample video lesson from Missouri Writing Project (start at about 3:11, do the prompt, then go to 9:15) - Grades 4 and up
  • Supporting Act - watch, ask students to write about the lesson or theme, how might the story be different if told from the Dad's perspective
  • Kids love short films
  • List of video links - these have reading skills attached

Use photos to get kids writing!

Using Short Texts to Warm up to Reading & Writing

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