Queen Elizabeth I

"The Virgin Queen"


Queen Elizabeth was born Sept. 7 1533 and She died March 24 1603

She grew up in complex and difficult circumstances.She is the daughter of King Henry Vll and his second wife Anne Boleyn.She almost lost her mother at the age of two.

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Absolute Ruler?

No , Queen Elizabeth wasn't an absolute ruler.She couldn't do anything without being questioned for it.

How did she rule?

She became Queen at the age of 25.She also allowed members to speak their minds without fear of punishment. The Parliament helped her do so by passing laws that favored protestantism.She had some difficulty keeping her subjects from questioning her.
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So what did she do?

Queen Elizabeth had to handle a lot of Mary's problems.She was at war with France.Her first session of Parliment in 1559 , she called for the passage of the Act of Supremacy. She soon ended the war.She jailed her cousin,Mary , in 1567 in connection to some assassination attempts. She kept her cousin imprisoned for nearly 20 years then she later executed her in 1589.Queen Elizabeth also enjoyed dancing and watching plays.Artists also honored Elizabeth by painting her portrait.

Interesting Facts

1)she imprisoned her cousin Mary but she never met her.

2)she can understand several language , English, Latin, Greek,Italian, French, and Spanish.

3)she's one of the most famous rulers during Shakespeare and Spanish Armada.