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Professional Development Opportunities

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Gizmos, 5th-8th grade only:

The district has purchased Gizmos for 5th-8th grade science. Gizmos are interactive science simulations that use an inquiry-based learning approach. Please come check out this new engaging resource to help your students understand difficult science concepts and prepare for the state test. New training dates will be added soon.

There are 2 types of training:

Beginners- How to use Gizmos resources and tools to adapt lessons to meet standards

Advanced- Learn to use Gizmos simulations in classroom discussions, for whole and small group, and develop customized 5E lessons

Get the most out of your Gizmos by attending both sessions!

February 7, 2017 4:30-6:30 PM ADVANCED

Linmoor Educational Center, 2001 Hamilton Ave., Columbus, OH 43211

Edcite Training:

February 21, 2017 4:30-6:00 PM

Cedarwood Elementary 775 Bartfield Dr., Columbus, OH 43207

This training is for any content area teacher looking for online practice for their students. Edcite is a website with a large bank of questions for science, social studies, math, and reading.

Integrating Reading, Social Studies and Science - Grades 3-5:

February 23, 2017 4:30-6:30 PM

Lindbergh Elementary, 2541 Lindbergh Dr., Columbus, OH 43223

This professional learning opportunity will focus on integrating reading, social studies, and science. The session will incorporate time to investigate grade level materials included in the new reading series, as well as, other supplemental material that support both social studies and science integration. Participants will receive a set of small group reading materials for social studies.

Google Training

Learn about your Google Drive or Google Classroom (not content specific)

Training can be scheduled specifically for your building or grade level from 4-5pm.

INFOhio Training

Learn about the free resources for teachers, students, and families for multiple subjects.

Google or INFOhio training can be scheduled specifically for your building or grade level from 4-5pm. Email Heather Allen, hallen704@columbus.k12.oh.us or Christine Weatherholtz, cweatherholtz3151@columbus.k12.oh.us to set a date.

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2017 Conservation Poster Contest

2017 Conservation Poster Contest February, 27—March 24, 2017

Franklin Soil and Water is sponsoring the annual conservation poster contest. This annual contest gives students the opportunity to better appreciate our environment through the creation of an original artwork. The theme “Healthy Soils are Full of Life” highlights the fact that productive soils are the foundation of any healthy ecosystem. Teachers will be provided with background material to help inform students about this topic and inspire ideas. The contest will run from February 27th through March 24th, winners will be announced in April around Earth Day. The deadline to register is February 24th. To register your class, or for more information, contact Linda Pettit at:


SAVE THE DATE for Get ConnectED!!!

Professional Learning and Licensure and the CCS eLearning Committee are planning another Get ConnectED in CCS event. Sign up on CiMS to attend.

MARCH 4, 2017 from 9am-12pm

@ Columbus Spanish Immersion Academy

We are now seeking presenters!

There are three types of presentations:

  • Demo Slam: 2-3 minute presentation/$25 stipend
  • Table Talk: 15 minute presentation/$50 stipend
  • Mini-Session: 45 minute presentation/$125 stipend


Click this link to submit a proposal

Check out the video below to learn more about Get ConnectED

ConnectED Summer 2016 08 12

Important February dates

February is Black History Month

Black History month biographies: movers and shakers, figures in science and technology, people in the news, writers, entertainers, athletes, religious figures

Scholastic Famous African American Inventors with teacher guides

February 2 - GROUNDHOG DAY

Weather lore says that the groundhog, also known as a woodchuck, emerges from its burrow to look for its shadow on this day after a long winter sleep. If it fails to see its shadow due to cloudy weather and stays above ground, this is an omen that winter will soon end. If, however, it is sunny and the groundhog does see its shadow, it will retreat into its burrow. This is a sign of six more weeks of bad weather. Groundhog Day is a great time to discuss the concept of hibernation.

Groundhog Poetry Link

True Facts About the Groundhog
February 14 - Valentine's Day

Roses smell sweet, but we all know they have thorns. Valentine's Day is the perfect time to teach your young learners about defense systems used by plants. Ask why roses have thorns and see if anyone can suggest other plants with defense systems.

February 20 - Presidents' Day

The national symbol of the United States is the American Bald Eagle. Ask your students to suggest other animals that could serve as the symbol for the United States and why they think so. Older students could research the bald eagle.

Science Passages on READWORKS!!!!

If you haven't signed up for your FREE ReadWorks account what are you waiting for?

ReadWorks.org has nonfiction and literary articles along with reading comprehension and vocabulary lessons, formative assessments, and teacher guidance. Everything ReadWorks does is based on proven cognitive science research.


Here are a few articles to check out. Just type the title in the search bar.

1st & 2nd grade

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Solids and Liquids

Water Takes 3 Forms

3rd grade

Light Bounces

4th grade

Electricity & Energy- circuits

Electricity & Energy- energy

Electricity & Energy- electrical safety

Electricity & Energy- light bulb

5th grade

Simple Physics of Soccer

Lights Out