The Mouse and the Fox

A life story of how stealing could get you into trouble.

The Mouse and The Fox

One day a small mouse went out to find some food when he came upon a fox's den. The fox was asleep but he had food sitting right behind him, so the mouse crept slowly to the food. The mouse carefully stepped over the fox's head to the pile of food. He grabbed a handful of food and ran out just as the fox started to wake. When the fox woke up he realized some of his food was gone but he thought he just ate it and didn't remember. Everyday the mouse came back at the same time and stole the fox's food.

The fox started noticing that his food was missing and he thought that someone was stealing it. So one day he decided to make a trap that would capture the thief. The mouse came in and grabbed some food and the trap fell on him and the fox jumped up. "Ah ha, I caught you, you little mouse." he said. "Let me go you mean, bad, ugly fox!" screamed the little mouse. The fox got mad and slid the trap to the back corner of his den. "I will never let you go you will be my servant forever." The mouse whispered to himself, "If I ever escape from here I will never steal from anyone ever again." he started to cry. The fox didn't say anything he just curled up into a ball and fell asleep again.

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