technology rules for parents

by harmanjit

Here is one rule

Be careful of what you post on social networks because if you get hacked the person who hacked you can do anything to your account.

Rule 2

Don't click on anything that says if you click on me you will win $500 because it is usually a hack or scan and when you click on it the person who posted it gets control over anything you were on.

Rule 3

Don't ever text or call while you are driving because you can get into a car accident

Rule 4

Don't ever share your email and password to your friends.

Rule 5

Don't sign up for something that involves your address and phone number because if someone finds your address and email you can lose everything.

Rule 6

Never add someone you don't know because if they get on to your account they can change the password and take over your account.

Rule 7

Don't post personal stuff on your social network because if someone gets into your account they can save all the pictures and change them in to something bad.

Rule 8

Don't enter your real date of birth with you real name and don't enter your phone number and address because if anyone finds out they can make a fake credit card with all your information on it and you will be the one who gets in trouble.

Rule 9

Parents keep your web cam covered by putting some tape on it because if someone gets on to your computer they can use the web cam, take a bad picture of you and post it online.

Rule 10

Don't go on any kind of game that isn't on a website because someone that shouldn't have posted it, posted it and it is usually a hack or a scan to hack into your computer or take control over it.
Internet Safety with Annie & Moby