Excretory System

By: Francisco Colina-Salas


Responsible for the elimination of wastes produced by homeostasis. Excretion is the process of eliminating or expelling waste matter.

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Kidney Failure

  1. The kidney collects all the waste filtered from the blood. Then it is turned into urine that is passed to the ureters and into the bladder and then out of the urethra. So when the kidney fails, there is no filtering of the blood to urinate out so the waste just builds up and harms the body.

  2. Severe pain in the back or groin, painful urination, blood in the urine, nausea and vomiting

  3. Men with kidney disease are more likely than women to progress to kidney failure.

  4. Dialysis or kidney transplant


  1. Disorder where the body builds up excess amounts of uric acid until the kidney is unable to process it properly. This disorder could most likely cause joint pain and kidney stones.

  2. pain in stomach area and urination.

  3. 275 per 100,000 people

  4. medication called xanthine oxidase inhibitors