Australian National Identity

By Master Trinidad

ANZAC Legend

ANZAC (Australia New Zealand Army Corps) Day is in 25th April. The ANZAC Legend or ANZAC spirit is a concept which suggests that Australian and New Zealand soldiers that possess characteristics. John Simpson and his donkey was apart of the ANZAC Legend

The Beach, The Bush and The Outback

The Lucky Country

The lucky country is also known as Australia. Donald Horne has written a book in 1964 and published. And, he has written this phrase too, "Australia is a lucky country run mainly by second rate people."

Folklore (Aboriginal Myths)

The bunyip is known as the devil or evil spirit. It is a mythical amphibious monster said to inhabit inland waterway. It is a large mythical creature from Australian Aboriginal Mythology.

Aussie Slang

We got some Australian slangs in Australia. For example: Barbie is an slang of Barbecue or we call it BBQ. Another one we called Damper as in, Bread made out of flour and water