Tiger Talk 20-21

Edition #5 #ExpectExcellence

Message from Mrs. Headrick

Can you believe that we are already in our fourth week of school? Time has really been flying. We cannot say enough words of thankfulness to our parents/caregivers for your patience and understanding during this school year. We are still adjusting to the pandemic guidelines, but your help has made the process so much easier. For that, we are truly grateful.

As always, we ask that you continue to remember our school in your thoughts and prayers. We are working hard each day to keep our students and staff as safe as can be.

Please feel free to reach out to me should you have any questions or concerns. My contact information is listed below. If you have to leave a message, please know that I will call/email you back in the afternoon after school. If you have not heard back from me by the next day, please call/email again.

Mrs. Headrick



Link to Survey for Family Involvement Opportunites

This year our school will still be offering family involvement opportunities. They may look somewhat different due to the COVID-19 guidelines, but we are still committed to providing the opportunities. Please take the time to complete a short survey regarding your preference for these opportunities. The link is below. Your feedback is much appreciated.


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Link to Our First Virtual Pep Rally - Thanks, WMS Cheerleaders and Sponsors

Upcoming Sporting Events

The first day of the softball district tournament is Tuesday. WMS plays at 7:00.

Our annual homecoming football game is Tuesday at 6:00. The homecoming festivities will be pre-game and will begin at 5:15. 8th Grade Football Players and Parents will also be recognized at 5:15. 8th Grade Cheerleaders and Parents will also be recognized at this time.

This week is Spirit Week!

Monday - Tye Dye Day

Tuesday - Red Day

Wednesday - Patriotic/Military Day

Thursday - Twin Day

Friday - Sports Fan Day

Remote Learning Deadline

The last day to become a remote learning student is October 1. This is also the deadline for remote learning students to return to school as on-site students.

**This deadline does not apply to students who are quarantined for COVID positive cases or exposure.**

Smile! Picture Day is Wednesday.

Fall pictures will be made Wednesday.

Softball, Cheer, and Football group pictures will also be made on this day. Don't forget your uniforms.

7th Grade Immunization Requirements

Several parents received letters regarding the fact that we have not received your 7th graders immunization records. Please make sure that this information is sent to school as soon as possible. If you are in doubt about whether we have received the record or if you have questions, please email or call Mrs. Patsy Bell. Her email is pbell@whitwellmiddleschool.org.

Tips for Remote Learners

Remote Learning Reminders for Students

and Parents

Remote learning is a tough job. In order to be successful, you have to be self-disciplined and organized. We recognize that this is a hard task for young middle school learners. Here are some requirements and reminders to make your remote learning experience successful. Remote learning is just like you are at school. You still have to be engaged, be attentive, and complete your assignments.

  1. Log in on time to your class. A teacher can’t stop every few minutes to check on you when you are late. You may be counted absent if you do not log on in time. Absences can adversely affect your ability to understand the material and therefore, experience academic success. Accumulated absences can also result in truancy issues and meetings.

  2. If you are having any issues with your internet connection, such as an outage, it is you or your parent’s responsibility to notify the teacher and/or school office. Otherwise, you will be counted absent for the class.

  3. You must complete the assignments and assessments given to you. Just as if you were at school, you wouldn’t sit in your desk and do nothing. You have to work at home. If you do not complete the assignment or assessment, you will be given a zero. You may or may not be given an opportunity to make-up the assignment or assessment. If you are given that opportunity, it will be for partial credit. It only takes a few zeros to cause a student to fail a class.

  4. If a teacher asks you a question, you need to answer. If he/she asks for a response in the chatbox, you have to respond. Again, if you are not engaged, we are assuming that you are not there and will be counted absent.

  5. If you are receiving recorded lessons, Dr. Holtcamp is required to make daily contact with you. He will be either by calling and/or emailing the parent and the student each day for attendance purposes. If you do not answer the calls or reply to his emails, we are assuming that you are not participating in the program.

The school counselor will be assisting us in making daily contact with parents or remote learners who are not actively involved in their classes. That contact will first be a phone call, then an email if there is no answer. In the event that there are multiple occurrences with a student choosing to not participate in class, the parents will be contacted to come to the school for a meeting.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any further questions or concerns. We will be more than happy to speak with you.


Mrs. Headrick, Principal

Dr. Holtcamp, Assistant Principal

Student Mantra

I Am the One Who…

Pushes myself to be someone.

Is helpful, encouraging, and kind.

Accepts others for who they are.

Stays true to myself.

Is willing to take risks.

Stands up for others.

Does the right thing.

About Our School

For transportation changes or to email an excuse for an absence, please use the email listed below.