My Personality Type: ESTJ

By: Logan Youngblood

My Personality Type

My personality type is ESTJ. People that have jobs that deal with thinking. Those people are like me. People that judge things like competitions as an example they are like me. People that sense something is happening it could be a problem.

  • The career paths that people like me would more likely take is to own their own company, run for president, or other career paths to fit the category. The common traits of people who are like my personality. They are hard-working, they are organized, they are traditional, and they can be practical.
  • An example of people who are famous and have my personality type would be the president of the United States or the presidential Canidates.
  • Some examples of the learning styles of people with my personality would be a hard-worker. Someone who is eager to get the job or career accomplished.
  • They are always making sure that the career or job they're doing is running smoothly. They take everything seriously.

Does the personality type describe you? Why or why not?

Does the personality type describe you? Why or why not? Yes because i like to be practical and organized. i also think it describes me because i am loyal and hard working. i like to get whatever task I'm doing finished.