We Are One!

One culture, one history, one people, one destiny

Hayden, Stephen, Ethan 4th period

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We all come from the same place

Although we may be divided among various countries, us Africans are still of common descent. We all come from mother Africa, the place where our ancestors lived in harmony from oppression and capitalism, and other imposing ideas from the western countries.

We have the same culture

We all celebrate the same kind of traditions, we have the same values and the same beliefs. These unite us in many ways. We need to form a unified society where our African beliefs and traditions are dominant.

We share the same history

We have all suffered through the oppression from the Western countries and their established colonies. We suffered through the brutal slave trade hundreds of years ago. And we stand today against an increasingly divided world, where unity among our people is ever more imperative.

Let's unite!

Pan-Africanism for a New Generation - Resource Management Introduction, Dr Patricia Daley