January Newsletter

What's happening in 5th grade


We started our Fantasy Book Club unit. Students will be reading a fantasy book with their book clubs and responding in writing and discussing what they read in small groups.


In math, we will be tackling word problems with fractions and mixed number that have addition and subtraction. Also, we will be learning how to multiply a whole number by a fraction. Finally, we will differentiate between perimeter, area, and volume.

Social Studies

We will continue to explore the characteristics of the Southeast, research how people impact the environment along the east coast, and create a blog post discussing conservation. Lastly, we will begin exploring the characteristics of the Midwest.


We will be completing our research report on Westward Expansion and begin writing opinion pieces.


We are continuing to investigate plant and animal cells using graphic organizers and microscopes as well as comparing vertebrates and invertebrates, and finally contrasting vascular and non-vascular plants. Our next unit will look into the phases and properties of matter. We will also begin our next at-home project to present next month on the Weather.


  • Please remind your child to charge their laptops every night.
  • As stated before, students should dress appropriately for outside recess.
  • Please consider attending the Instrumental Night at Seneca Ridge to have the opportunity to experience all of the different instruments available for Band next year.
  • If you haven't already, start preparing for our school Geography Bee!

January Birthdays

Aharon 1/2, Valeria 1/2, Caley 1/2, Destinie 1/12, Eduardo 1/14, Arya 1/20, Emily 1/24