Life Updates

Past Students You Probably Thought You Got Rid Of


After a whole semester in high school we kinda thought it would be a good idea to send you guys updates on our lives especially after having to leave. Don't have any high hopes (Mr. Persico) it's basically the same as always. We've been meaning to send this out for a while but keep procrastinating on it as you have all probably had experience with us procrastinating in school anyway.

Lots of Love and Sarcasm

--Cynthia, Dayna, Loren and Jacob

Cynthia Rios

Since middle school, I went to Vernon Malone and am in FBLA, El PUeblo, Still in Girl Scouts, Spanish Club.. and you guys should already know I like clubs. Dayna and I got braces together and all of us have A's.. so far. Even though they go to Garner we still hang out waaaayyyyy to much. Believe me.

Attached are pictures of me with my super cool Galileo Thermometer from Mr. Hedley and and some new friends that are just as weird as my old friends.

Quote- "What if it's not the shell protecting the turtle, but the turtle can protect itself and doesn't need it's stupid help?"

Loren Cocciolone

She didn't want to go through the effort of typing so she's in Magic (the gathering) Club and "Art" Club and other clubs of that sort. She didn't get braces, still doesn't want to go to college MR. PERSICO, still gets A's, still plays rock band, still likes rock bands, plays drums, and guitar with me and is in like 3 different bands for some reason.

Quote: "Speak of pain and anger, this might be a stupid question but why is Zatch trying to bite me in the butt?"

Dayna Cocciolone

Dayna is still way more responsible than the rest of us. She is still obsessed with cats and she is in Magic, art club and other clubs with Loren.

She doesn't like history anymore (Sorry, Ms. Ginger and Mr. West you tried) Math is way too easy for her and she is taking both Earth Science and Biology. Dayna is also in Chorus along with Loren. "So yeah, braces are fun. I also dyed my hair red too. Yay. Meow. ~^._.^~"

Anyway, Dayna has all A's, plays guitar and piano, practices clogging and is still in Girl Scouts.

Quote: "You've cat to be kitten me right meow!"

Jacob Niles

Jacob... also didn't want to type his portion so he's in magic, game theory etc. He also refuses to take a normal picture so this is the only picture we currently avaliable of him. (below) His grades are good and he recently took loren to school with a drawn on beard for language arts and also went with togas to school. Long semester.He still likes playing on xbox and pandas.

Quote: "Get maids, get paid, get gatorade."

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The End

Why'd you keep reading? In no way would that have been a good idea. Anyway as you guys could probably see we haven't changed at all, let's face it we probably won't in the next year. I don't know if that's good or bad. I'm going to go with bad.
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