Food Waste

Activities in the First Half of the Project

In October

  • The partnership body was built; the pages on twinspace were organized and how to use twinspace was introduced to the member students by the each team's teachers.

  • The teachers and students introduced themselves either leaving a text note or using different tools.

  • A logo competition was arranged with the contribution of the students' logos from the partners.

  • Students and teachers participated in CodeWeek Activities.

food waste

In November

  • The first formal meeting was held.

  • The other students, teachers at school and parents were invited for online informative session on our project.

  • The partner schools prepared real or virtual corners for their schools to introduce our project.

  • Each partner team prepared at least 3 questions on food waste to create a common survey on raise awareness about food waste.

  • Each partner team conducted the final/common survey in their schools (students/teachers and parents) and shared their survey reports.
Food Waste Survey Results
food waste SURVEYy

In December

  • A poem on FOOD WASTE was created through the collaboration of the students by writing a verse in rhyme.

  • The students produced different materials on the poem they created.

  • The comparative analysis of the surveys implemented at schools were done on FORUM with the participation of the students and teachers.
Big picture
Big picture
food waste poem
Big picture