The Sun

The Brightness Star in Our Galaxy!

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Sunspots are a temporary phenomena of the photosphere layer on the sun. They appear as dark spots compared to the surrounding areas. They are caused by concentrations of magnetic field flux (that is in the photosphere) resulting in the decrease of temperatures in that area causing the darker colored blotches.


A prominence is a gaseous feature on the sun that extends from the sun's photosphere to the corona. It is is ring like shape of gas that loops from the photosphere to the corona, back in an arch to the photosphere.

A Flare

A flare is when there is a sudden flash of brightness observed near the sun's surface. This is the release of large amounts of energy. A coronal mass ejection usually follows this. Flares also happen to other stars, not just the sun.


An aurora is a show of light in the sky that happen during the night. They are colors like blue, red, pink, purple, and green. Many people from all over the world go to see them. They happen at the poles. They are also called aurora Borealis or aurora australis. Also refered to as the Northern Lights.