Man in the iron mask

By Tucker Krause

What a mystery???

The man in the iron mask is not just a film but a true thing. It is one of the worlds greatest mysteries to know the man's real identity. They say the man was imprisoned in the year 1698 and died in 1703. There are many theories about the man and who he was but the most famous one is that he was the real father of the king at the time. So the step-dad of the Louis XIV imprisoned him. Plus the mask wasn't even iron it was black velvet. There was also always musketeers by his side because if he were to ever remove it they would kill him.

Other theories of the Man in the Iron mask

1. He could have been the twin brother of the king at the time and they did not want two kings and two people to share power.

2. He could have been the general who had committed a crime and had to put on a mask but he died in 1709 and the man in the iron mask died in 1703.

3. He could have been the son of Charles ll of England he could have been the duke of Monmouth and he led a rebellion against his uncle King James ll and was executed in 1685 but people say that someone was put in his place and then he was sent to be imprisoned and had to wear a mask.

The Movie

What I think happened

My idea

What I think happened was that the man was the brother of the king at the time and the king knew but he didn't want to share power with him so he imprisoned him and had a mask put on him so no one would find out that he was his brother.