Ancient Egypt Education


Around this time who taught?

The people that were taught were only boys. The were only taught because when they have became into men the would be scribe. What the girl does is she stays at home with her mom while the boys are at school. While they are at home with their mom they learn how to cook weave and etc... But the boys are taught in the church.

There Writing

If you ever tried our hand writing to ours to theirs it is pretty hard.But when you learn it you can get it and it is cool. But when you write it and you are used too it then it is not gonna be hard then but when you first try it is not gonna be perfect it is gonna alright. But the name of there writing is Hieroglyphs.They wrote with rocks and stones.

The things that they wear.........

When they go to school they don't have to wear shoes but if you compare them to us we have to wear shoes and it is required. But there shoe prices are very high in the coast but the sad thing is that they just only have one pair of shoes and they don't have a choice like we have today. They have one pair you have some or you don't and when you don't have shoes you just walk a round barefoot there is nothing different when you don't have enough money to but shoes. If you lived over there for them to get money it is hard you have to work a lot to be wealthy in Egypt.
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Who teaches them??

Okay....we all have teachers but down there they don't have teachers their parents teaches them. The boys their dad takes them to the temple and they learn down their in the temple referred to church down here well they go down their and learn how to become a scribe because when they are men they become one.